Having problems with your Summit or Eagle Talon manual transmission ready for overhaul?   Need parts?  These quality Summit and Eagle Talon Manual transmission, rebuild kits and parts are designed to be top ofeagletalon_large.jpg the f5m22_m33_large.jpg line overhaul kits. We have included information on how to identify individual transmissions, application information, model year, and detailed kit and part availability by transmission type. Eagle FWD and AWD 4 and 5 speed transmissions are covered in this section. They are typically used in Eagle Talon and Summit 's.  Also bearing overhaul kits are available for transfer cases used in the Summit and Talon.  We can provide used parts;  these are good take out parts that are inspected.  Just give us a call toll free 800-216-1623 and let us help save you some money!

Different overhaul kits are available depending on the extent of the overhaul that you plan, the contents of the kits are described as follows:

  • BK Bearing Overhaul Kits (FWD) includes all major bearings, input shaft bearings, main shaft, pinion bearings, differential bearings, shift fork inserts, gaskets, seals and small parts when available.
  • Kits ending in WS include all of the above plus brass Syncro rings sets.

The following table presents the transmission model number this is information that you can find located on your transmission, with the tag information you can cross reference to the correct kit number.  Parts illustrations if required are available for the F5M22 and F5M33.  Don't see what you need just give us a call.

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