Ford ZF S650 6 speed Rebuild Kit and parts

We can help with your Ford 6 speed manual transmission need rebuild kit or parts?  We offer OEM quality Ford ZF S650 manual transmission rebuild kits and parts.  Our kits are designed to be top of the line professional overhaul kits. We have included information on how to identify individual transmissions, application information, model year, detailed kit and parts availability by transmission type. ZF transmissions are covered in this section, rear wheel drive (RWD), typically used in Ford trucks requiring 6 speed applications. The ZF S650 is found behind diesel engines of 1999 and up Ford Super duty and stripped chassis up to a gross combined weight of 26,000 lbs.  The unit weighs in at 230 lbs.  Give us a call toll free 800-216-1632 and ask us about our good take out parts (used inspected) and let us help save you some money!


ALT Kit (RWD): Main case bearings, gasket and seals. Syncro rings are sold separately in sets.  In some cases we can provide good used parts, give us a call 800-216-1632 and let us help save you some money.


Identification: A unique feature of this unit is an internal oil pump driven off the front of the countershaft that circulates the lube to a trans cooler. An easy way to identify this unit is by the cooling lines mounted to the case as found in automatic transmissions.  Aluminum case with casting number starting with "1319".


ZF S650 Ford F350 and Super Duty 1999-later

REF # Part Number Description


Rebuild Kit      
  ALTBK486 1999-2003 Bearing Overhaul Kit 6spd, RWD or 4WD, aluminum case, 6.0, 6.8 & 7.3lt, cast "1319"


  ALTBK486WS  1999-2003 Bearing Overhaul Kit  with Syncro Rings 6spd, RWD or 4WD, aluminum case, 6.0, 6.8 & 7.3lt, cast "1319"  $714.98
  ALTBK486B 2003-on Bearing Overhaul Kit 6spd, RWD or 4WD, aluminum case, cast "1319"  Call
Syncro Ring Kit      
  ALTSRK486 Syncro Ring Kit


Misc. Parts Kits      
  TRS434204K Input Shim Kit


  TRS434225K Shim Kit, Complete


  TRS434860K Snap Ring Kit


  TRS434270K Needle Bearing Kit


  ALT1319PPK Syncro Key/ Spring Kit


Misc. Parts      
1 TRS434760 Case                    


2 ALT1319304069 Main shaft 2wd


2 TRS434672B Main shaft 2wd High Torque Tag 024


2 ALT1319304070 Main shaft 4x4  High Torque


2 TRS434672A Main shaft 4x4 High Torque


2.5 TRS434703K 3-4 Syncro Assembly


4 TRS434772 Rear Housing 2wd                    Call and check on good take part


4 TRS434772A Rear Housing 4x4                   Call and check on good take part


5 TRS434765 Intermediate Plate


6 TRS434724 Bearing Retainer


8 TRS434674 Cluster Gear 39-35-25-19-12


9 TRS434805 Countershaft Drive Gear 39t


11 TRS434583 3rd Gear 27t


12 ALT1319304077 1st Gear 37t


14 ALTZF47-14C 3-4-5 Syncro Ring


16 ALTZFS6-16 Input shaft 23t 10 3/8"


18 TRS434585 5th Gear 54t


20 TRS434271-2 2nd, 3rd Gear Inner Bearing Race


21 TRS434582 2nd Gear 31t


22 TRS434235 2nd/3rd Thrust Washer


23 TRS434841 Low Rev Shift Fork


23A TRS434845 5th Shift Fork


23B TRS359845 1-2, 3-4 Shift Fork

$46.96 each

24 TRS359701A Creeper-Rev Syncro Ring Bronze


25 ALT1319304075 1-2 Syncro Ring (Intermediate)


26 ALT1319304032 1-2 Syncro Ring (Inner)


27 ALT1319304053 1-2 Syncro Ring (Outer)


28 ALT119304092 1-2 Syncro Slider


36 TRS434587 Reverse Gear 37t


37 TRS434606-1 1-2 Hub, High -Torque


40 TRS434701AK Creeper -Rev Syncro Assembly


48 TRS434581A Creeper Gear 41t (low gear)


49 TRS434271B Reverse Gear Inner Bearing Race


50 TRS434705K 5th Syncro Assembly


51 TRS434270 Race Behind M/S Reverse Gear


66 TRS434271-5 5th Gear Inner Bearing Race


80 ALT1319204045 1-2 Syncro Assembly


98 TRS359641A 1-2 Low Reverse Slider


136 TRS359642 3-4, 5th Slider

$78.88 each

  ALT050121996 Oil Relief Valve Assembly


  TRS434737A Relief Valve Retainer


  TRS434529 Pump Shaft


  TRS434510 Pump Housing


  TRS434489 Boot/Bellows


  TRS434460 S6-650 Race Driver Tool



Ford S6-650 6 speed Overhaul Kit Products


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