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Find your Nissan manual transmission models FS5R30A, FS5R30B, FSW71A, RS5F30, RS5F50A and FS5R90A in the following list select drawing to see detailed parts and parts  assembly sequence:





FS5R30A, B   86 on RWD 5 Speed 6 cylinder Drawings
FSW71A, C, D, E, F, G, M, N, V   73 on RWD 5 Speed 4 cylinder Drawings
RS5F30A, 31A, 31B, 31C, 31D   82 on Sentra, Stanza 5 Speed Drawings
RS5F50A, 50B, 50C, 50V, 50Y   84 on Maxima, Stanza 5 Speed Drawings
FS5R90A   BW T5 5 Speed Drawings



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