NV5600 6 speed Manual Transmission Overhaul Kits and repair parts.




NV5600 6 speed Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits & Parts

We offer top quality NV5600 manual 6 speed repair parts  and overhaul kits including bearings, gasket and seal kits, we can also supply cases, tail housing sections, syncro assemblies, gears, input and output shafts for 6 Speed NV5600 manual Dodge transmissions.  See parts illustration.  Fluid you use in this transmission is critical see note. Call and ask about our good take out (used inspected) parts and let us help save you some money!


 Model Year


ALTBK492WS  2001-on Bearing Overhaul Kit with Syncro Rings
22863   Front Bearing Retainer
SRK-5600   Syncro Ring Kit
22748*   Input Shaft 26 teeth (5th)
CH22784   1st Gear Main shaft
CH22756   6th Gear MS 24 teeth
26222   Main shaft 2wd
26221   Main shaft 4wd
DLG26221-C   Main shaft 4wd Cyro Treated 30% stronger
CH22770*   2nd Gear 39 teeth
22784*   1st Gear 40 teeth
22884   Fork, Reverse
26704   Fork, 5th
26703   Fork, 1/2
26702   Fork, 3/4
44548   Syncro, 1-6, Reverse (Center) (Fiber
22880   Syncro Assembly Reverse
22886*   Reverse Gear 39T
22794*   3rd Gear 28 teeth
26166   Cluster Gear
22799   3/4 Syncro Assembly
CH22803   4th Gear 36T
26164*   5th Gear on Cluster 25 teeth
26165*   6th Gear on Cluster 57 teeth

In the October 2003 Transmission Digest magazine, there is an article discussing the 2000 syncro rings for the Dodge NV5600 6 speed verses the 20001 on syncro rings. The early rings are no longer available and you need to replace the early gear and early syncro rings together as a set with the 2001-on parts. Parts identified above with (*) are the ones you will need for the upgrade. Purchase these parts (*) as a kit along with syncro rings and take a 10% discount.


Parts Illustration, click to enlarge:



New Venture Gear NV4500 Transmissions:

Special synthetic gear oil is required for proper operation and lifespan of the carbon composite synchronizers.  The following lubricants are only the only ones to be used:

75W-90 Castrol Syntorque Synthetic (not the same as Castrol Syntech)

Mopar Manual Transmission Lubricants part number 4874459; material spec 9070

GM Goodwrench Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid part number 12346190, in Canada 10953477.