T19 Information and parts is provided for the 4 Speed Transmission

Both Ford and International used the Borg Warner T19 manual transmission.  We can provide parts and rebuild kits;  these kits are designed to be top of the line overhaul kits. Here we provide links to information T19 Borg Warner Transmission Partson how to identify individual transmissions, application information, model year, and detailed kit and part availability by transmission type. T19 rear wheel drive (RWD) Borg Warner transmissions are covered in this section;  this 4-speed transmission was typically used in Ford F-Series Truck, P-Series Van and full sized Broncos. International Scouts and Travel-all's.

Two different overhaul kits are available; the contents of the kits are described as follows:

  • DTSBKXXX Kits (RWD): Main case bearings, gaskets, seals.

  • DTSBKXXXWS Kits (RWD): Main case bearings, gaskets, seals, syncro rings are included in these kits.

  You may want to add, bushing, nuts, dog and springs, we have provided a T19 parts illustrated drawing to assist you.  Order your parts today and let us save you money!

You can verify that you have a T19 by comparing the physical description: Cast iron, top loaded case with cast iron cover and tower shift, shifter hold down cap threads onto top cover. For ball bearing units measure the width of the front input shaft bearing or compare to the width of the rear main shaft bearing. Case casting numbers are not accurate in determining which unit you have. For best results, open and inspect internal information before ordering kits, T19 has a single step reverse idler gear. Case casting #'s are T19 is 13-09XXS.


T19: Fully synchronized in all forward gears with 39 teeth on 1st and 2nd synchro rings. Ford F500-F800 Diesel trucks have tapered bearings on the input shaft and mainshaft.

It's easy to get the correct parts the first time from drivetrain.com.  Using the links Ford, and International you will find T-19 application tables, just locate your vehicle model, model year, number of cylinders and engine size read across to identify correct overhaul kit part number.  Make a note of the part number and complete our secure easy order from, get the correct parts the first time.  In addition to these overhaul kits we can provide miscellaneous hard parts, don't see what you need just give us a call 1-800-216-1632.