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Front Wheel Drive Positraction's for GM Vehicles

When you're serious about front wheel traction! Upgrade your non positraction differential carrier to positraction.

Improve Traction on GM Front wheel drive vehicles

  • Improve Safety
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Stability
  • Improve Handling
  • One Year Warranty

    See how well it works!

Your Cost $599.00 call for core charge, depends on your application.



Limited Slip for GM FWD Getrag 5-Speed

  • Hydramatic 125 3-speed
  • 440T4
  • 4T40/45/60/60E/65E/65E-HD 4-speed
  • Getrag 282 5-speed
  • Isuzu 5-speed/Muncie 4-speed


Limited Slip for 125/440/4T4XE/4T6

Need more traction for your front wheel drive General Motors vehicle, now we can provide limited slip positraction units for automatic transaxles for your front wheel drive GM vehicles listed here: Cavalier, Z24, Beretta, Corsica, Celebrity, Lumina, Impala, Venture, Monte Carlo, Skylark, Skyhawk, Electra, Century, Regal, Reatta, Riviera, Lesabre, Park Avenue, Rendezvous, LaCrosse, Grand Am, Grand Prix, GTP, Bonneville, Lemans, Sunbird, Sunfire, Aztec, Montana, Delta, Eighty Eight, Ninety Eight, Cutlass, Ciera, Calais, Firenza, Achieva, Toronado, Silhouette, Deville, Seville, Concourse, Eldorado, Allante and Cimmaron.

The EP Limited Slip Differential (EP-LSD) for your GM Front wheel drive vehicle applications. This a clutch-type, pre-loaded limited slip differential that applies power to both drive wheels all the time. It is still a full-functioning differential, not a "locker" or spool, so it is totally street driveable. The EP-LSD used two sintered-bronze clutches, CNC-machined hardened-steel pre-load plates, and custom pre-load spring rates to provide unequaled front-wheel-drive traction. Transmissions include: TH125, TH125C, 3T40, 440T4, 4T60, 4T60E, 4T65E, 4T65E-HD, 4T40E, 4T45E, 4T80E, Getrag 282. The EP-LSD is available for all General Motors front wheel drive cars, vans, and SUV's including:


  • Cavalier
  • Z24
  • Beretta
  • Corsica
  • Celebrity
  • Lumina
  • Impala
  • Venture
  • Monte Carlo,
  • Skylark
  • Skyhawk
  • Electra
  • Century
  • Regal
  • Reatta
  • Riviera
  • Lesabre
  • Park Avenue
  • Rendezvous
  • LaCrosse
  • Grand Am
  • Grand Prix,
  • GTP,
  • Bonneville
  • Lemans,
  • Sunbird,
  • Sunfire
  • Aztec
  • Montana
  • Delta
  • Eighty Eight
  • Ninety Eight
  • Cutlass
  • Ciera
  • Calais
  • Firenza
  • Achieva
  • Toronado
  • Silhouette
  • Deville
  • Seville
  • Concourse
  • Eldorado
  • Allante
  • Cimmaron
During normal driving, the EP LSD is imperceptible. It creates no added steering effort, and nearly eliminates the torque-steer associated with spirited front-wheel driving. It eliminates the tendency for inside wheel-spin in turns, reduces unequal front tire wear, and increases wet-traction in high-output or factory-stock FWD cars.

For drag racing applications, it increases traction for quick starts by providing a 50/50 torque-split to the front tires, which results in quicker and more consistent 60' times and reduced ETs.

In Auto-x applications, it will eliminate the inside wheel spin that kills power-out on turns without the "lock-up" associated with ratchet or worm-gear type differentials. The EP Limited Slip Differential uses friction clutches to allow the differential gears to "grip", not slip. The EP Limited Slip Differential uses die-stamped (Street) or CNC machined (Race), hardened-steel thrust plates and specifically designed pre-load springs sets for each of the two versions availabl


1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Daytona Pace Car. 3.8 SC, 3.4" pulley, SLP ram air. Stock ECU.


Two wheel traction on dry or wet pavement! Speaking of 60' times! While attempting a big smoky burnout, we had both tires soaked in water, the e-brake set, and both rear tires chocked and the car STILL wouldn't sit still long enough for our photo-op. It drove over the chocks and pulled straight ahead!


Here's the EP Limited-Slip Differential in a turn. The wheels were turned hard left and both tires STILL SPIN! The competition can't claim this!

(the car was backed up to the start for illustration purposes)

Warranty is for material and workmanship, not abuse, this product is not recommended for sports operation on ice or snow.