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Grizzly Positraction Limited Slip, helping you improve your traction!


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The four-spring clutch-style positraction has been around for years because of its great reliability and rebuild-ability. Because of its popularity Yukon has released its version – the Yukon Grizzly.™  It’s available for all popular Dana, Dodge (American Axle), GM and Ford applications, and more applications are arriving all the time. Grizzly™ units are assembled with heavy-duty 8620 spider gears and composite clutches for reduced chatter, and they are fully rebuildable. Yukon chose the spring design because of its race-proven background and years of use.
Grizzly Limited Slip Differential are set apart from every other positraction units by:

Its strength, durability and toughness gives you traction when you need it, to getout of the worst situations.  
Patent pending design that improves the center drive for greater durability. Has 8620 alloy steel internals for added strength.  Fully assembled in the USA, Industry leading support and warranty
Performance limited slip positraction units for Street Performance, Hot Rodders, and Off-roaders. These Positraction Performance Differentials feature a patented carbon friction material designed toendure the hostile extremes of Off Road racing brakes and clutches. Made from high-temperature carbon fiber wrapped with a carbon anti-wear coating, these virtually indestructible discs thrive on repeated harsh engagements and thermal abuse, without performance loss. The patented composite clutch fabric maintains its lubricity to provide smooth, quiet operation over the life of the vehicle.

When the traction disappears, your Grizzly locker automatically kicks in, locking the rear wheels together and sending power to both. The result? You and your vehicle keep moving when everyone else is standing still. 

Grizzlys limited silp's are available for Chevrolet GMC rear differentials as well as Ford rear differential, both cars and truck are supported, best applications is for off road!  Never get stuck again.  We also offer Zip Lockers for both Dana and Toyota differentials.  All Yukon lockers come with a 1 year warranty.  

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Don't Get Stuck Again! 

Zip Lockers      
Part #   Application Description Your Cost
DTSYZLD30-4-27 All Dana 30 Yukon Zip Locker, D30 3.73 & UP, 27SPL $691.95
DTSYZLD30-4-30 All Dana 30 Yukon Zip Locker, D30 3.73 & UP, 30SPL Must upgrade to 30 spline axle shafts $691.95
DTSYZLD44-4-30 Dana 44 Yukon Zip Locker, D44 3.92 & UP, 30SPL NOT D44HD! $691.95
DTSYZLM35-4-27 All Dana 35 Yukon Zip Locker, M35 3.54 & UP, 27SPL $691.95
DTSYZLM35-4-30 All Dana 35 Yukon Zip Locker, M35 3.54 & UP, 30SPL, Must upgrade to 30 spline axle shafts $691.95
DTSYZLT8-30 All toyota 8" and V6 Yukon Zip Locker, TOY 4CYL & TV6  
Yukon Grizzly Lockers    
DTSYGLD44-4-30 D44 Grizzly Locker, D44 30SPL, 3.92 & UP, NOT D44HD!!!! $529.95
DTSYGLF9-28 9 inch ford Grizzly Locker, FORD 9", 28 SPLINE $441.95
DTSYGLF9-31 9 inch ford Grizzly Locker, FORD 9", 31 SPLINE $485.95
DTSYGLGM11.5-30 11.5 AAM GM & Dodge Grizzly Locker, AAM 11.5", 30 SPLINE, GM & DODGE $1,043.95
DTSYGLGM14T-30 14 bolt 10.5" GM Grizzly Locker, GM 14T, 30SPL $389.95
DTSYGLR2.5-16 2.5 ton Rockwell Grizzly Locker, 2.5 TON ROCKWELL, 16SPL $389.95
DTSYGLT8-30 8" Toyota 4cyl Grizzly Locker, TOYOTA 8" 4CYL $485.95
DTSYGLTV6-30 8" toyota V6 Grizzly Locker, TOYOTA V6 $485.95

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