At Driveline and Gear of Reno/Sparks we are committed to providing you with the best products on the market

Driveline Service of Reno has a full manufacturing and repair facility with the most experienced staff in Northern Nevada (over 200 years)

There is nothing like having a trusted shop to turn to when repairs are needed, we have earned the trust of Northern Nevada.  We view each customer as a person and have always treated you just as we would like to be treated. 

Call us 1-800-216-1632 and let us get you back on the road right way, the reliable way the Driveline and Gear Service of Reno.  Free driveshaft/driveline troubleshooting help.

We have the most extensive driveline reapir and fabrication shop in Northern Nevada.

Our driveline/driveshaft facility we provide:

  • Repairs
  • Modifications
  • Complete Assemblies
  • Shortening / Lengthening
  • A complete line of parts, tubing, center bearings, weld and slip yokes and Ujoints

Big or small, foreign or USA built, industrial, farming,or specialty we have what it takes to repair or fabricate for any application.  We have the largest stock of both NEAPCO and Spicer driveline parts, combine this inventory with the talented experienced technicians we have for correct part selection, the correct tube material combined with both welding and high speed balance of the finished product your quality is guaranteed one year.

Many newer vehicle manufacturers are installing "non repairable" drivelines in thier vehicles that does not mean you must purchase a new "non repairable" drive shaft. We have many solutions that make your vehicle more reliable, tougher and easily repairable (if the need arises again).  We also support front wheel vehicles.

Come in or give us a call 800-216-1632 we are happy to help you with the right advice or parts or we take care of the whole problem on the spot. 

Complete Drive Shaft Assemblies

We stock many drive shafts assembled and ready for shipment or installation.  There is no quicker way to get up and running again than a fully ready and warrantied drive shaft.

Call us to see what we have.  Even on the off chance we don't have what you need we can usually repair, fabricate or order what you need all with the same excellence and service that we are famous for.

Lifting or lowering the suspension, swapping transmissions or axles, 4x4s, rock  crawlers, hotrods, customs, all of these things usually require drive shaft modification to be done right.

Many industrial applications are difficult and expensive to deal with.  Often applications are deemed obsolete and no longer supported.  Before making any large decisions let Driveline Service of Reno evaluate your situation.  We are often able to develop just what you need.

Locating and solving vibrations in a vehicle powertrain is our specialities.  Rebuilding a drive shaft requires specialized tools and skills.  Our full service shop is at your service.  One Year Parts and Labor Warranty 

We are an automotive drivetrain repair center, specializing in repair of problems under your vehicle. We have over thirty years of experience in the auto repair field, clean 4 bay service shop friendly and knowledgeable service at the same location.


  • Call us at 775-331-4500 or 800-702-3100
  • Free Estimates and test- drive, same day service, or call to setup an appointment!

 We are open 5 days a week 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

A complete drivetrain repair service center that you can trust. We take the time to ensure that you have a complete understanding of our diagnosis of your vehicles problem and that you understand in detail the repair estimate.

We guarantee our repairs, both parts and labor, don't be sucked in by low-ball estimate. For autos, light duty pick-up trucks, sports utility vehicles, motor homes, and jeeps and off road vehicles we can improve performance, improve safety, improve economy, and remove strange noises and vibrations. Routine and preventative maintenance can lower your overall cost of vehicle operation, and we provide service with excellence.  Map to locate us.

  • Lifting your vehicle?
  • Lowering your vehicle?
  • Want to replace an aluminum driveshaft?
  • Want to replace a carbon fiber drive shaft?
  • Or just need a replacement?

Custom double and single carbon CV joint style shafts manufactured for vehicles with vibration problems caused by short driveline requirement caused by steep angle problems.
Need help or tips with u joint repair tips for jeeps or truck as well as lowered cars, just give us a call we can help you remove vibration problems. See our free information on how to maintain or troubleshoot drivelines and driveshafts including angle-phasing issues.

We specialize in high speed balancing of the final assembled drivelines. If your shaft is not balanced with the actual end/slip yokes and U-joints, you have not fixed the potential vibration problems. Our shop features the latest in driveling manufacturing and balancing tooling equipment. For additional information on

Secret to smooth vibration free performance

  • Quality components

  • Precision assembly

  • High Speed Balancing by skilled and experienced technicians!



Unique assembly, welding and balancing tooling



The folowing free information is provide to assist you Troubleshooting Driveline Problems:

Angles and Phasing - Diagnostic & Testing

Field Problem Analysis and Answers

Troubleshooting Driveline Problems


Front Wheel Drive Axles and Components New or Remanufactured to OEM specifications!

We stock over 5,000 individual parts, components, new and remanufactured front wheel drive axle components!


Same day service on your front wheel drive axle problems, we can remove and replace with new or rebuild your front wheel drive axles. We provide information to assist you in the troublesome repair.

At the first sign of a problem (clicking sound when making turns) bring the vehicle to Driveline Service of Reno Sparks for a quick estimate and high quality repair service. The following information is provided to assist you in trouble shooting the common problem in front wheel drive automobiles.



When troubleshooting CV problems, there are three steps to the inspection; we provide a detailed explanation for each in the following paragraphs:

  • Road Testing
  • Visual Inspection 


Check vehicle under all situations that may indicate a failure of CV components: acceleration, deceleration, coasting, soft and hard turns, figure 8's, constant speeds, and driving straight ahead. Listen for any of the following indicators:

Clicking or clunking noise when coasting, or at constant speed
* may indicate outer CV wear
* may indicate suspension/steering wear

Clicking noise on turns
* may indicate outer CV wear
* may indicate worn/damaged wheel bearings

Clunking noise in accel/deceleration, or on turns
* may indicate outer CV wear
* may indicate inner CV wear
* may indicate transaxle gear damage
* may indicate suspension/steering wear

Shudder or vibration at constant low speeds
* may indicate loose/damaged suspension parts
* may indicate worn inner CV component
* may indicate improperly torque axle nut
* may indicate out of balance tire

Shudder or shimmy during acceleration
* may indicate worn/sticking inner CV joint
* may indicate incorrect ride height
* may indicate worn/loose suspension parts

Shudder or vibration at constant highway speeds
* may indicate worn/loose suspension parts
* may indicate worn inner CV joint
* may indicate improperly torqued axle nut
* may indicate out of balance tire


Carefully check all the components for possible wear.

Check CV boots for any seepage, cracks, or tears. Any loose of lubrication will result in irreparable damage, leading to the replacement of the driveaxle.

Check CV boots for type of material. Older rubber or neoprene boots allow contaminants inside even if there is not noticeable damage. Check for any type of dry-rot or stress-damage. Hard-plastic boots allow contamination without noticeable damage, due to their nature of being hard to seal. These types of boots should be replaced with a new boot kit, and components inspected for damage. Any wear or contamination will indicate the need for the replacement of the axle with a re-manufactured driveaxle.

Inspect the CV shaft for damage or wear. Shafts equipped with torsional dampeners often are loose under load, causing a vibration, and should be replaced with a solid shaft, as found with our re-manufactured shafts.

Check all suspension pieces for wear. Often worn suspension and steering items are misdiagnosed as CV problems.

Drivetrain Specialists & Auto Gear Service are divisions of:

Drive Line and Gear Service of Reno Sparks, 1325 Glendale Avenue Sparks Nevada 775-331-4500

 We are open 5 days per week 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Appointments are helpful but walk-ins are welcome! We also have a large inventory of drivetrain related parts for the do-it your-selfers.

Want to purchase high quality parts and complete the installation yourself visit our warehouse sites listed below