Mazda, Toyota, Volvo Mounts

Mazda, Toyota, Volvo Mounts for automatic, manual transmission and engines

Having motor mount or transmission mount problems?   We offer a complete line of professional mounts for automatic, manual transmission and engines. We mounts.jpghave mounts for most American & some import manufactures. Here we offer information and parts to repairing Mazda, Toyota and Volvo automobiles and pickup trucks.

Inspection of your transmission and engine mounting components should be accomplished on a yearly basis or at the first sign of a vibration problem. As you may know mount ware or failure and or out of balance of spinning drivetrain components can and will cause expensive component failures. To provide the cushion and isolation all mounts are designed and manufactured using some type of rubber or plastic material that can and will degrade over time.

A good example of this small problem that can lead to major and expensive repair costs is transmission or differential pinion seal failure. Rear seal failure in a transmission either automatic or manual shift will cause loss of all fluid and failure. Excessive mount wear overtime can cause the drivetrain to spin out of specification, vibrations start small, you may not even notice the vibration in the beginning and over time you get accustom to them, they grow in time.

These types of failures are inexpensive to fix if dealt with early. When you see the fluid drip in the driveway

Below you will find a detailed application guide listing vehicle manufacture information. Easy to use, selecting your vehicle manufacture from the table on the right will take you to a detailed application listing of parts for various model and years of manufacture.

Selecting the part number for your application and you can see and compare the specific mount we offer to the mount you need. As there is some variability in the mounts used by each manufacture we suggest you confirm physical shape of the mount you need prior to placing your order. Then just add the part number to our secure order form.

Mazda Toyota

it time to replace the seal, at this time it's critical to replace any mount(s) that may have excessive wear.


Doing the work yourself or supply these quality parts to your mechanic and you save money!


So the next time you need to repair your vehicle is the best source for the parts. - all transmission and engine mounts are not the same - you can never make a bad decision by choosing the best.


Information is supplied to assist you in identifying specific part number for the mount necessary to assist you with your maintenance efforts. If required we can supply additional parts to assist you, if you don't see the parts you need just give us a call, at times we can even supply good used hard parts to save you additional money.

Use the same parts as professional mechanics & get professional results!

The correct parts at the right price the first time. 


This is an abbreviated list and other parts are available. If you need something that is not listed just let us know. 

Part Number Click to see Mount Model Years Description Model Your Cost
TRS95-162 1989-1992 RWD 4 & 6 cyl 2WD Mazda 626


TRS95-2364 1969-1984   Toyota Passenger


TRS95-2415 1974-1984   Toyota Passenger


TRS95-2364 1972-1978   Truck


TRS95-2415 1975-1984   Truck


TRS95-332 1984-1988 Rear Lower 3 & 4 Speed Corolla


TRS95-2364 1969-1984 M/T Passenger


TRS95-2415 1974-1984   Passenger


TRS95-2364 1972-1978 2WD M/T Truck


TRS95-2415 1975-1984 2WD Truck


TRS95-2378 1969-1974 Passenger Front 7/16" Thread Volvo


TRS95-2377   Passenger Front 10mm Thread Volvo


TRS95-185 1988-1996 6 Cyl 3.8lt T10-T15 4WD


TRS95-2000X 1966-1992   Universal GM







95-2364 Mount your cost $25.95

95-2415 Mount your cost $14.95





95-332 Mount your cost $ 29.58

95-2377 Mount your cost $14.53

95-2378 Mount your cost Call