Tow Bar Selection, by Demco

Need information on how to tow or a tow bar for towing a vehicle behind your RV?   We offer a varity of tow bars to suit towbarchoices_01.jpgyour individual requirements. These high quality Tow Bars are manufactured by the Demco Manufacturing Company. Demco has earned a reputation of being more than ordinary. These products have a wide range of benefits and features as well a varied materials engineered to provide maximum flexibility, ease of installation and extended life. There unique FLEX-JOINT design allows superior flexibility over ball hitch type couplers or other style tow bars on the market today. We also offer a complete line of tow bar accessories including covers, adapters and lighting kits including cables, diodes and cables.

To connect the tow bar to your vehicle you will also need  a tow bar base plate.  The base plates are designed specificaly for your vehicle model and mount to the vehicle frame under the front end of the vehicle you plan to tow. These Tow Bars are state-of-the-art and are offered with mating base plates, the following tow bar models are available, selecting the individual model tow bar will provide detailed information to assist you in selecting the correct bar for your individual situration:



Tow Bar Selection Products 

Tow Bar Models Part Number  

Weight lbs.


Aluminator 9511007 Aluminum alloy construction. Steel is used in critical areas to minimize wear.



Excali-Bar 9511006 Solid Stainless Steel Connecting Arms.



Kwik-Tow 9511003 An economical tow bar with all the extras.



    Purchase any one of the above towbars and receive a free set of high quality coiled safety cables ($41.00 Value)
Base Plate Application Guide   Demco Base Plates are available for a wide variety of late model towed vehicles. See if your vehicle qualifies for todays best Tow Bar installation.    
Installation Instruction Free!

Now available a large collection of baseplate installation instructions, if you would like to purchase a towing package just give us a call, provide a fax number and we will fax you a copy, you can see the installation instructions before you purchase!


We also offer the following Tow bar Optional equipment:


Demco Part Number Description

Your Cost

9523001 Adapter Bracket for Stow Master Base Plates


9523003 1 Pair Coiled Safety Cables with Hooks & Vinyl Coating


9523004 4-Way Auxiliary Coiled Lighting Cable with 2 Receptacles


9523006 6-Way Auxiliary Coiled Lighting Cable with 2 Receptacles


9523009 4-Way Auxiliary Coiled Lighting Cable & Tail Light Wiring Combination Kit


9523010 Towed Vehicle Tail Light Wiring/Diode Kit Only


10560 Replacement Diode with Female Spade Connectors Included


9523011 6-Way Auxiliary Coiled Lighting Cable & Tail Light Wiring Combination Kit


9523013 Excal-Bar Vinyl Storage Cover with Screen Printed Logo


9523014 Mounting Kit, Roadmaster Eagle (TM) Tow Bar to Demco Base Plate


9523015 Mounting Kit, Valley Industries Utility Tow Bar & Reese Tow Champ to Demco Base Plate


9523017 Mounting Kit, Demco Tow Bar to Duncan Base Plate


9523019 Mounting Kit, Demco Tow Bar to Reese Tow Champ & Valley Industries Utility Tow Bar, Bumper Brackets


9523020 3" Drop receiver Hitch


9523021 Aluminator Vinyl Storage Cover with Screen Printed Logo


9523025 Sentry Deflector


9523026 Split Shank


9523027 Sentry Deflector A damper for Demco, Stowmaster, and Blue Ox RV mounted Tow bars to Stowmaster Baseplates


9523032 Mounting Kit for Roadmaster XL or MX Series Base Plates Designed without the use of usual bar base


9523034 Mounting Kit for Blue Ox Aladdin or Blue Ox Aventa II


9523036 Mounting Kit for Replacement Sterling Towbar to Demco Baseplate


KKLB Light Bar for Auxiliary Lights on the Towed Vehicle