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Remco Towing Products - Drive Shaft Coupling, Axle Lock and Lube Pump

Worry free towing!


Worry free towing!

Need products or information on how to tow a vehicle?  We provide only the highest quality towing products including Driveline disconnect assemblies, Lube-Pumps and Axle Locks for the following vehicles: Acura Honda, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, GEO, Suzuki, GMC, Isuzu, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Toyota's.

Towing your vehicle behind a motor home has now become very common and most motor home owners report that towing a car has little or no effect on handling and mileage. Yet many questions remain about towing with all four wheels on the ground verses using a 2 wheel dolly. Owners agree that towing with four wheels down -

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  • Gives you quicker hookups of the car with a tow bar than loading and unloading a dolly
  • Means less equipment cost with Remco equipment than dolly
  • Means less equipment to maintain
  • Means less weight to tow (35 lbs. tow bar verses 500 lbs.. dolly)
  • Can use tow bar on any highway in US and Canada
  • Avoid dolly restrictions at camp ground
  • Tow bar easier to store than a dolly

Remco's are the most convenient and easy way to tow your car, truck, or van on all four wheels. Whether it's large or small, front or rear wheel drive. Remco has what you need to tow it behind your motor home. Tow it the easy way, on all four wheels. More convenience and less risk than other systems. We offer disconnects in two different configurations:

  • Drive Shaft Couplings for automatic transmissions with rear wheel drive
  • Lube-Pumps cools the automatic transmission fluid when towing
  • Axle-Lock disconnects for disengaging the automatic transmission of a front wheel drive vehicle, These units are no longer available, information for reference only!

Concerned about accumulating mileage on the towed vehicle (toad) when towing. There is, of coarse, no mileage accumulation with the driveline disconnect or the axle lock systems. These two products disengage the drive train for towing and the vehicle is towed with the transmission in Park. This means there is no rotational movement in the transmission. The speedometer drive gears are not turning. Now that electronic speedometers have replaced the old cable-driven units, logging mileage is a thing of the past, even with the lube-pump kits. The only exceptions are vehicles with the sensors on the front or rear wheels and the 1996 and newer Chrysler mini-vans .


Remco's Drive Shaft Couplingremcar_large.jpg


Prevents automatic transmission damage to your rear axle drive vehicle. When you tow your rear axle drive car, van or pickup, the drive shaft to the rear axle must be disconnected to prevent damage to the automatic transmission. This requires mechanical service under the car which is not convenient for RV towing. Remco's Drive Shaft Couplings was developed to provide a quick and easy means of disconnecting the transmission while sitting in the driver's seat. The coupling (mechanical clutch) is installed into the rear portion of the car's drive shaft, near the rear axle.


When disconnected the rear axle is free to turn without turning the drive shaft or transmission. The coupling has a control remcontca_large.jpgcable attached to it which extends to a location under the driver's seat. This control is pulled out to disengage for towing and pushed into engage for driving the vehicle.

  • No Transmission damage while towing
  • No speedometer miles while towing
  • Shift to drive or tow in seconds
  • Coupling made with heat treated alloy steel
  • Precision cut gear teeth
  • Lifetime sealed ball bearings
  • Fits most rear wheel drive cars, vans or pickupsremshaft_large.jpg
  • Purchase with new shaft attached or we can modify your existing driveshaft
  • Over 50,000 units on the road in 14 years
  • Easy installation by a garage or an above average weekend mechanic call order the unit with a small deposit, remove your existing driveline and send it to us via UPS. We will modify your existing shaft and UPS it back to you prepaid you complete installation of the modified drive shaft and install control cable.

Remco's Axle-lock Coupling


Disconnects the automatic transmission for towing a front wheel drive vehicle. The Axle-Lock is a mechanical disconnect built into the vehicle's front drive axle. A single Axle-Lock is installed into the right front axle (passenger side). When the Axle-Lock is placed into a disengaged position, the transmission will not turn and the speedometer will not register mileage.


To understand the principle of the transmission disconnect, where only one axle is disconnected, you should understand the built in effect of a differential. It is commonly known that with both drive wheels off the ground, and the transmission in "park" position, when one wheel is turned forward, the other wheel freely turns in the opposite direction. With the Axle-Lock in the disengaged position, the left wheel can turn forward while a portion of the right axle connected to the Axle-Lock turns freely in the opposite direction. remfrtax_large.jpgThe right wheel also turns freely with its axle disconnected at the Axle-Lock.


This same principle used in the Axle-Lock, is used by several US and foreign manufactures of 4 wheel drive vehicles to disconnect the extra axle. Disengaging and engaging is accomplished by reaching around the front tire, and rotating the Axle-Lock housing one-third turn; clockwise to engage, and counter-clockwise to disengage. Steering the front wheels to the far right, allows easy access to the Axle-Lock.

  • Prevents automatic transmission damage when towing
  • Proven design-no service required
  • Reduces transmission drag
  • No effect on car's normal operation
  • Impedes theft when parked and disengaged
  • Engaged and disengaged in seconds
  • Speedometer will not log miles (trade in value will be enhanced)
  • One year limited warranty
  • Installation by a garage or a skilled weekend mechanic is recommended, call order the unit with a small deposit, have mechanic remove your existing front wheel drive axle and send it to us via UPS. We will match up your existing axle and UPS replacement back to you prepaid, you complete the installation.

Remco's Lube Pump


When your vehicle with an automatic transmission is driven, the transmission is lubricated by an lubpump_large.jpgengine-driven transmission fluid pump. When the vehicle is towed, this engine-driven pump does not operate. Another means of lubrication is needed. REMCO'S Lube Pump was developed to provide a reliable lubrication system for the transmission while it is being towed. To tow your vehicle, connect the cable and turn on the switch on the monitor in the motorhome and you are ready to go.

  • 1/8 HP self-priming diaphragm pump insures high volume lubrication.
  • Full volume selector valve directs oil for driving or towing.
  • Electronic monitor on motorhome dashboard safeguards the transmission
  • Easily transferred to any other approved vehicle.
  • One coiled electrical cable between the motorhome and car provides all the circuits for the pump, monitor, and towed vehicle tail lights.
  • All wiring and fluid connections for car and motorhome included.
  • Each make/model transmission tested for 20,000 miles before approved.
  • Easy installation by garage or weekend mechanic. Complete step-by-step installation instructions provided.
  • One year/10,000 miles limited warranty (warranty not applicable on transmissions with over 40,000 miles).

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*At time of order for a driveline disconnect kit please provide center line to center line of front ujoint to rear ujoint or flange to flange measurement to ensure drop in replacement for your existing application.


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