NP 242 Transfer Case Rebuild Kits and Parts

Are you having problems with your NP242 transfer case and need a rebuild kit or replacement parts?  We offer quality professional rebuilt transfer case parts and rebuild parts kits that are designed to be top of the line Jeep NP242J Transfer Case Partsoverhaul kits. The NP242 is a aluminum case, with the drop on the left side (driver side.  The NP242 is a chain driven full time transfer case with a 48/52 torque split front and rear. It is possible to lock it into four low so it acts like a part-time transfer case. When it is locked in, power will be split regardless of traction. Low range is 2.72 and high is 1.00.

The NP242 is used in Grand Cherokees (ZJ) and Cherokees (XJ), 1987 - On, Dodge Dakota 1997 - On and Dodge Durango 1988 - On. These New Process cases have a circular tag on the rear of the case, near the center close to where the rear drive shaft exits. Identification information for the NP231 transfer case is on this tag typically includes model number, assembly number, and serial number and ratio data. When ordering a replacement transfer case it's most important to provide the assembly number. This number is typically eight digits, four number a rivet/screw head and four additional numbers. Later models will be designated NVG, i.e. New Venture Gear.  Give us a call 800-216-1632 and let us help save you some money, ask about good take out parts!

A cross reference table is provided below to assist you in the identification of your transfer case. Check tag located on rear of unit for model number. An illustrated drawing is provide below to assist you in parts identification, ordering and assembly. Back to other model transfer case parts availability page, sometimes we can supply good used take out parts to save you money. Don't see what you need just give us a call toll free 800-216-1632..  If you decide to replace your NP 242 transfer case with a remaufactued unit with a 12 month warranty see our complete list of transfer cases for  Dodge and Jeep vehicles. All rebuilt transfer cases have new seals, bearings, chains, fork pad, encoder motors and viscous couplers.  All shafts, slider, hubs and planets are inspect to ensure proper factory tolerances are maintained. All units are tested at the factory prior to shipment.

NP 242 Transfer Case Rebuild Kits and Parts Products 

New Process Model 242 242 Transfer Case Illustration Exploded View to assist you in part identification and assembly can be seen after this table.
Full -Time Transfer Case
Jeep Cherokee 1987 - On / Dodge Dakota 1997 - On / Dodge Durango 1988 - On Recommended fluid for NP242 -- ATF







TRS-BK242   Rebuilder Kit - Bearings, Gaskets, Seals and Pad, Dodge, Hummer H1 & Jeep w/BD50-8 24mm Input Bearing



TRS-BK242B   Rebuilder Kit - Bearings, Gaskets, Seals and Pads, Dodge, Hummer H1 & Jeep w/6010N 16mm Input Bearing



TRS-TSK242   Overhaul Kit - Gaskets, Seals and Pad, Dodge, Hummer H1 & Jeep 24mm Input Bearing



TRS-TSK242B   Overhaul Kit - Gaskets, Seals and Pad, Dodge, Hummer H1 & Jeep  16mm Input Bearing   $24.93   
TRS-361001   Small Parts Kit Dodge & Jeep     $53.82 
TRS-361001A   Small Parts Kit  Hummer H1     $65.45  
201050 1 Input Gear Seal  



201048 1 Front Output Shaft Seal  



45551 1 Rear Output Shaft Seal  



201501 1 Input Ball Bearing BD50-8



201506 1 Input Ball Bearing 6010N



TRS-44066 1 Extension Housing Bushing 1.50" ID  



TRS-411215   Thrust Washer Planet plastic      $3.42
TRS-321840K 1 Fork Pad Kit  



TRS-361849   Range Fork Iron Cast #16448      $57.45
TRS-352849A   Range Fork Aluminum Cast #17833     $36.96
TRS-361645   Range Slider (used w/ Aluminum Fork)     $231.27
TRS-361645A   Range Slider used with Aluminum Fork      $231.27
TRS-351500   Oil Pump Assembly     $77.71
TRS-351588A   Planet 6 Pinion used with .630" wide 6010-N Input Bearing Call and see if we have a good take out part save money!    $463.81
TRS-351588   Planet 6 Pinion used with .940" wide BD50-8 Input Bearing  Call and see if we have a good take out part save money!     $591.89
TRS-361715   Differential Carrier Assembly (new) Call and see if we have a good take out part save money!     $1301.21
TRS-361715A   Differential Carrier Assembly (rebuilt)       Call
TRS-361670A   Input Shaft 23 Splines 4 1/4" with  .940" wide BD50-8 Input Bearing       $233.81
TRS-361670B   Input Shaft 23 Splines 4 5/16" with  .630" wide 6010-N Input Bearing      $244.63
TRS-HV-028 1 Drive Chain   72 Pins, 1/2" Pitch, Round Pins 1.00" Wide - 36 Links



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