Transfer Case Saver Kit for Dodge, Chevy & GMC NP231, 242 & 243

Rebuilding your transfer case or doing preventative maintenance? Installing one of our Transfer Case Savers is a great idea to prevent future problems!

Transfer Case Saver Kits:

Increased Holding Surface

Increased Tensile Strength

Increased Locking Quality

Eliminates costly internal damage due to a broken stock snap-ring.

Fits: 1988-2000 Dodge, Chevy & GMC NP231, 242 & 243 transfer cases. Will not work on 3 bolt tail housing units.

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 May 2003 issue of 4 Wheel and Off road magazine the new transfer case saver kit is now available.

This kit is a great do it yourself project and can be retrofitted to your transfer case without removing it from the vehicle. If you have either the NP231, NP241 or NP243 this kit is for you.

Our transfer case saver is designed to replace the factory snap ring on the output shaft that is prone to failure. This common failure generally is not noticeable at first allowing the main shaft to move back and forth eventually causing major damage and expensive repairs to the transfer case. With a broken rear shaft snap ring the main shaft is allowed to move and the oil pump can malfunctions causing improper or no lubrication.

It is recommended that prior to starting this installation your remove and discard the existing fluid from the transfer case. Recommended replacement fluid is ATF. If you have a late model transfer case we suggest you purchase  Synthetic ATF at the same time as you purchase the kit.

No special tools required simple installation!

 Want to purchase the rear seal or bushing at the same time, see seal reference information.
  In this cut-away you can see the location of the transfer case saver.
    Remove the driveshaft and the rear

Remove the existing snap ring, we recommend that you replace the rear housing seal, also its a good idea to inspect the tail shaft bushing for excessive wear.   Clean all surface areas and install the transfer case save on the shaft. It is suggest that you apply a small amount of loctite to each screw (loctite included in kit) apply equal pressure to each screw, recommended torque is 13 to 15 lbs.ft.



Transfer case saver installed.   Final installation in NP241 cut-away, no comparison in strength our collar is much stronger and more secure than the original factory snap-ring.
Need additional transfer case parts   Want to replace your transfer case with a remanufactured unit,Chevrolet/GMC, Dodge.


Seal Number

Seal Dimensions

Bushing Number

Dodge or Jeep 231


2.563 od x 2.372 id




2.372 od x 1.500 id




1.584 od


General Motors 231 27 spline




General Motors 231 32 spline




General Motors 241




General Motors 243




Dodge 241


2.7 od x1.806 id




3.055 od x 2.205 id


Dodge 241 Light Duty (LDL)